Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that is becoming more popular for its many uses. Bamboo within a day period can grow as much as four feet. Bamboo is a grass, and the largest from the grass family. It’s growth depends on the climate where it is and the quality of the soil where it is growing.

Bamboo’s uses range from within food, medicine, clothing and instruments to name a few. Bamboo is also commonly used around the home for furniture, fixtures and flooring. Bamboo’s popularity has increased because it is a type of fibre that comes close to that of true hardwood flooring. When homeowners consider the use of bamboo planks or bamboo flooring Ipswich within their homes or offices they take into consideration the pros and the cons, the benefits and the downsides, of using that specific material.

The benefits of bamboo flooring or planking includes the factors that European oak flooring is a strong fibre that is durable, resistant to moisture and is eco friendly. The bamboo is processed, cut and then coated in a laminate or resin to preserve it. Because bamboo is made from a natural ounce and it has a fast growing period it is highly renewable. When planted Bamboo can be full grown within five years. Hardwood trees on the other hand take as long as up to twenty years to be full grown. So using bamboo in the home will preserve the natural ecosystem, these types of floorings are known as ‘green’ floorings.

Laminate flooring Ipswich has a high water resistance than other floorings, so it will withhold water damage better than other flooring fibres. Because of it’s water resistance it is also very easy to clean and maintain laminate flooring. Bamboo flooring or planks can be vacuumed, or wiped down and they can be mopped using the correct bamboo cleaning solutions. When you use the correct solutions for the correct flooring types you are helping to preserve the life and aesthetic of your flooring.

The downsides to bamboo flooring laminate flooring Ipswich are the same as those of hard wood flooring. In this way bamboo is on an equal level to other hard wood floors but has better benefits. Bamboo is priced at the same levels as hard wood flooring and hardwood flooring is more expensive than synthetic floorings. The price is more expensive because only natural materials are used in the production, and for such a clean chemical free resource consumers pay more.

Bamboo and other hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage when people walk on it with different types of shoes. You should avoid wearing heels on bamboo and hard wood floors. Heels cause slight indentations and scratches to your bamboo and varnishes. Not only does wearing certain shoes make your floors susceptible to damage but it causes noise throughout the house to reduce noise home owners and tenants must invest in rugs or carpets. This adds an extra cost onto of the cost of the bamboo floors.