Produced And Interesting Facts About Electricity

Electricity is a form of energy made out of atoms. Atoms are too small to be seen but, they form everything around us. Most electricity is produced in large power plants.

Power plants – the birth and the route of the electricityMost power plants burn fuel like oil, coal and natural gas to produce electricity with universal light dimmer but there are power plants that use cleaner and renewable sources such as water, waves, wind or the sun.In general depending on the resource, the power plant is used to produce electricity; this one is placed as close as possible to the source.

If it’s water energy the plant will be situated near rivers or if it’s wind energy, the plant will be situated on an open field in a windy area to capture all its power. After the matter has been processed and the big turbines have been set in motion, the electrons start to move in the copper wire thus producing the electricity. Electricity moves through wires into power transformers and they are attached to the weatherproof switch enclosure that we see along the roads. Metal poles are good conductors and make the electricity travel faster.

Water is also a good conductor and because the human body is more than a half made of water it is highly recommended that you don’t have direct contact with the electrical sockets or loose wires. Substations have been created from place to place in order to help boosting a bit the speed of electricity’s traveling and they are out of people’s reach. When the electricity reaches a house, it encounters another pole that will make it just the right voltage to be used through outlets. That is where all the devices go in and come to life. Such a long journey it has but so worth it. We’ve come to be dependent of our quality power suppliers in NSW and everything that requires electricity.

Interesting facts about electricityDo you remember when you first saw two magnets repelling each other and you were so mesmerized? Well that was the proof of two charged objects that brought one near the other they created this electrical energy simply by attracting or pushing each other.Electrical energy is considered to be the secondary source of energy because it already comes from other forms of energy such as wind, water or sun, just like it was mentioned at the beginning of the article. How about those annoying times when you get a painful pinch or spark while touching a metal?

That is the static energy that forms when there is an imbalance between the positive and the negative electric charges in your body. Simply by walking over a rug or a plastic surface, the shoe soles steal some negative energy from the floor and we leave in return electrified positive charges that create the imbalance responsible for the spark which is often painful because it’s extremely hot. The simplest cure to that would be to firmly hold some metal keys in your hand and touching the knob with them. That way your body gets discharged without any sparks. This is a fun way to get to know how electricity works around you and to have an idea next time you choose or change your electricity supplier. Know more at