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We are an Australian company that provides catering equipment and refrigeration equipment hire services. We lease out a vast array of refrigeration and culinary equipment, many of which aren’t offered by other vendors. No matter where your event is taking place in Australia, we can handle your needs for food and refrigeration hire. No work is too massive or too little, and we usually supply dependable carriers on time. We deliver catering equipment hire using our vehicles safely and effectively to any location you choose. Meals and refrigeration equipment rental for special events, emergency repairs, relocation or refurbishing, equipment malfunction or maintenance interruptions, and backup systems for “peak” Are you trying to replace outdated equipment or upgrade your present refrigeration or catering systems? We sell a variety of catering and refrigeration equipment items that were previously rented the variety of things that are now offered is ridiculous. To become experts in the use and upkeep of our equipment, our employees undergo extensive training. Our task is to ensure that the product meets your comfort stage. To guarantee a seamless event, the crew can assist with connections and offer you live demos so you can become familiar with the equipment right away and gain confidence that everything is functioning as intended.

Our inventory of equipment is extensive and constantly expanding. Including a variety of back-of-house service items to help with council rules and event compliance requirements, as well as refrigeration and catering equipment for your home and business needs. Fleet cars and manufacturing equipment are part of our own logistics department, which is run by knowledgeable staff. All of its equipment may be shipped and installed wherever needed. We can offer on-site technical assistance in addition to modifying equipment. Make a call to the national branch number if you are experiencing issues.

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The challenges facing a food business are finding the right kitchen, handling money, and scheduling labor. Our commercial kitchen equipment hire in Melbourne is suited to the needs of food businesses due to its flexibility and affordability. Running a food business involves a significant time and resource commitment, and finding a kitchen can be challenging because of long leases, expensive equipment, and ongoing research. We built a commercial kitchen that is for rent to give food businesses more flexible and affordable cooking space. We envision it not only as a kitchen but as a warm and inviting food community. We provide personalized pricing. Providing assurance There aren’t any lengthy-term commitments and also you acquire an everyday charge commitment in trade for the use of the cooking area as wanted. We provide extra system alternatives to make certain you’ve got all you want for your cooking. In our kitchen, we recognize your innovative cooking. Whether you are cooking complex sauces or getting food equipped for transport, our place gives the appropriate backdrop for all your culinary efforts.