What Is A Pinnable Notice Board?

A pin board, called as soft board also, is a board that helps you pin up a notice sheet or pamphlets. A pinnable notice board can be of many uses. It can pin the sheets for special notices, advertising purposes and in many other ways you want. A pinnable notice board is having a soft front so that you can stick or pin whatever you want to. It helps your notice sheet to be eye catchy and presents it in good way to the clients or students. A pin board is used for marketing purpose also because it is a cheap way or marketing a product or service. Pinnable notice boards are mostly used in schools and offices so that students and clients in office can read the latest updates about school or office work. A pinnable notice board is fixed on the wall mostly, and is easy to place or shift to another place without any harm. A pinnable notice board doesn’t need a lot effort to be put on a wall because it is not too heavy to lift up to fix it in the wall.

How much a pinnable notice board costs?

A pinnable notice board does not cost much because it is made up with wood and special type of rope and cloth. The only thing matters is size, if you want a bigger size to fill a whole wall, it will definitely cost more and the prices will be change according to the size and quality. Cork notice boards come in different qualities. Some of them are more vertical and some are made horizontal. Cork notice boards are made according to your demand and the fabric they use in it is also according to your demand which will fluctuate the prices. If you choose a high quality best fabric for pinnable notice board so it was definitely cost more than the regular one. If you order to make a simple notice board so it will cost low than the other one. So it’s up to you what you choose and price will be according to your choice.

Disadvantages of a pinnable notice boards.

Although cork notice boards are very helpful, but many times it gives a bad reputation to the customers or clients in the office because a client would definitely look around in the office and notice that the company is saving money and using cheap ways of promotion because cork notice boards are cheap way of advertising. In schools, most of the students ignore the pinnable notice boards and then later they say they didn’t read the new circular and that can be harmful for the students because they might miss an important notice for upcoming tests.