The Connection Between The Fluids You Consume And Deep Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is very important for humans. It’s the time that the brain rests from its long day of activity; the time it rejuvenates and prepares for the next day. Sleep can also help you to reduce stress; hence the need of a power nap once every often. Not getting enough sleep regularly can lead to many health issues, including weakening your immune system and eventually even causing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If you’re having issues falling asleep, and want a little help with it; we’ve got you covered. In our opinion, the fluids you drink throughout the day has an effect on your sleep. Here’s how.

Hydrating your body; the not-so-secret, secret!

Drinking plenty of water and getting the proper use of your home’s spa filters in Canberra can help you in many ways. In order to get proper sleep, it’s important that you need to tire out your body during the day. Exercising and keeping active certainly helps—but you need to have the energy for it. Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is a sure way to help energize your body. Apart from this, if your body is well hydrated, you’re also generally in a better mood. Being happy also helps you get better sleep at night. 

The love affair with Caffeine

Most of us cannot survive without coffee; especially when we first wake up. And despite it being flavored, it too helps to hydrate the body. Unfortunately, if you consume caffeine close to your bed time, you might end up tossing and turning all night. For the best result, try to only consume it in the first half of the day. To “reward” yourself for this restrain and good behavior, buy yourself specially blended coffee for the mornings. Have the coffee mugs and coffee machine filters ready the night before; giving yourself something to look forwards to having in the morning…

Waving goodbye to AlcoholJust like caffeine, alcohol too has its bad effects on our body; and it certainly interferes with out beauty sleep. While some people do claim that having a soothing glass of wine helps them relax and sleep better, it’s not the case with the majority. If you want to have quality sleep that will guarantee that you feel well rested the next morning, avoid consuming alcohol. If it is unavoidable, drink in limited quantities, and dilute in with sips of water in between.

Warm milk and chamomile tea

It’s recommended that you have your dinner at least 2 hours prior to your bed time. This gives it plenty of time to digest, and it also helps you avoid that dreaded belly fat. But it’s not uncommon if you find yourself hungry before heading to bed. As it’s impossible to sleep in an empty stomach, we recommend a glass of warm milk (with turmeric, if you want it to have an exotic twist that will further help you sleep!), or even a little chamomile tea.