Getting Your First Pet

Making the decision to adopt your first pet is indeed an exciting decision but it is important for you to keep in mind that getting your first pet is not the same as buying a new toy or a new car. A pet is a life and it is a kin to having your first baby. From the day your pet comes in to your life, you will be responsible for his well-being and his life. You will need to feed him, clean him, take him to the vet when he is sick and you should not abandon your pet in any circumstance whatsoever automatic gates

Sadly many people abandon their pets after the first few months because their pets are a lot of work and they realise this fact too late. Owners of pets abandon them for various different reasons including having a new baby, getting a new home. Moving overseas or having too much work but what they need to understand is that this is a life and this baby depends on them and loves them unconditionally. Therefore abandoning a pet can literally kill the animal even in cases where the animal is rehomed to a new house because the animal feel betrayal, abandonment and will pine for you for months and maybe even years.

However, if you have decided that you can take on the responsibility and that you are able to take care of a pet, you will need to start pet proofing your home before your new pet arrives. Your pet needs to be treated exactly as you would a child.Pet proofing your homePet proofing your home is much like baby proofing your home. In fact, much of what you will need to do is the same.

You will need to get pool glass fencing if you have a pool to prevent your pet from falling in and drowning much like colourbond fencing you would do in the case of a new baby.You will need to avoid having glass balustrades fixed in your home because your pet could run in to them without realizing it exists and hurt himself badly.Poets also love to play and will try to pay with strings, wires and any other thing they see lying around which is why you cannot have plugged wires lying around and you will need to have protective cover placed on all plug point which are within your pets reach because your beloved pet could end up injuring or hurting himself badly as a result of playing with the wrong thing.