Top Scrap Metal Businesses In Australia

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Australia is a big country, and its cities are just as diverse. It is home to the world’s first bus service, but also boasts a thriving industry in scrap metal recycling. If you are looking for top scrap metal businesses in Australia, look no further than this list:

Pacific Metals Group

Pacific Metals Group are a scrap metal business based in Western Australia, who buy and sell scrap metal. They offer a collection service for enormous quantities of scrap metal prices Perth, but their focus is on buying smaller amounts from individuals. They also buy copper, brass, aluminum, and steel.

The company has been established since 1982 and remains one of Australia’s most prominent suppliers of scrap metals.

Scrap Metal Merchants

Scrap Metal Merchants is a scrap metal business based in Sydney, Australia. They are dedicated to offering the best service and price for your scrap metal by buying it from you at the best possible price.

You can sell them any of these items:

All types of metals (including white metals)

  • Aluminum cans
  • Copper cables and wires
  • Telephone sets
  • Switched off air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters etc.

Branif Industries

Branif Industries is a scrap metal prices Perth recycling company with branches across Australia. They buy all types of scrap metal, including copper and aluminum. They pay by the pound and have a minimum threshold for each type of metal they buy.

Metal Men Recycling

Metal Men Recycling is a scrap metal business based in Sydney, Australia. The company has an office address at:

3/426 Pacific Highway, Mona Vale NSW 2103. Phone number: (02) 9434 1866 or you can contact them through their website at Metal Men Recycling accepts scrap metals like copper cables, aluminum cans and stainless-steel pipes for recycling purposes. Their services are also available for people who want to sell their old cars or trucks for cash instead of selling them privately so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of listing it on classified ad websites or trying to find someone who wants it as well as all the other junk that goes along with owning one such as paying taxes etc..

City Metal

City Metal is a family-owned business with a long history in the scrap metal industry. They have three locations in Perth and one in Sydney, which means that you can visit them today if you are anywhere near these areas.

They offer free collection of all scrap metal and free delivery to their yard. They pay cash for all types of scrap metal, including car parts from cars like Holden, Toyota, and Ford; metal from appliances like washing machines; copper pipes; aluminum siding; brass terminals; stainless steel sinks and faucets (and much more).


We have covered some of the top scrap metal businesses in Australia. These companies have been able to provide the best service to their clients using different methods and techniques. They are also well known for good customer support services which make them more popular among people who are looking for scrap metal dealers near them.