Ideas For Bathroom Design

bathroom makeovers

Is there something wrong with the way your bathroom looks? As a result, you’ll never run out of ideas for trendy and unique bathroom designs. To get you started, three interior design experts have shared their advice on bathroom tiling and decor.

Rebeka Morgan from BuildHer Collective and La Abode alumna Jess Ormby are here to help you with your bathroom makeover in Canberra, and they’re sharing their best design ideas, tips, and tricks with you right now to get your project started.

  1. Give lighting purpose

As one example of how the area might be put to use, Rebeka suggests a lighting system that takes advantage of this. Prior to embarking on a self-care regimen, it is important to ensure that your room is well-illuminated.

  1. Shelf storage

Rebeka says that wall-to-wall storage units have recently replaced shower niches in bathroom design. This is a recurrence of a trend that started around a decade ago. You won’t have to sift through cupboards or crawl on the floor to find what you need thanks to these shelves.

  1. Shower heads

You should start with the shower head if you are thinking of updating the shower in your bathroom and are exploring new designs. Even in somewhat compact bathrooms, according to Josh, many shower heads should be installed. You could want to think about constructing a two-shower system that only requires one input in order to avoid spending additional money.

  1. Wallpaper

Jess is of the same opinion, noting that she like contemporary bathrooms decorated with vibrant wallpaper patterns.

She continues, “One of my favourite sellers for wallpaper is Sparkk; you can virtually customise any of their designs to match your colour pallet.” Sparkk is one of her favourite vendors.

“The easiest way to pull off wallpaper in any room in your house is to stay to a motif like Hamptons or Art Deco — that way, it won’t be a major shock when you go into your bathroom,” says one interior decorator.

  1. Modern basin

Josh suggests selecting a basin that is semi-recessed if the space available in your bathroom is on the more compact side. “These basins dangle over the vanity unit to provide the convenience of a whole basin on the smaller vanity,” the designer explains, “in instances when a full-sized bathroom vanity is not available.” Josh recommends utilising shaker-type doors for the bathroom vanities so that the area will have the appearance of being decorated in a country manner.

  1. Windows

It’s easy to ignore the window in the bathroom, but it’s an important one. Jess, on the other hand, argues that “It shouldn’t.”

Think of how relaxing it would be to bathe in the tub while yet being able to see outside the bathroom windows.

Is a skylight an option in the absence of a huge bathroom window? As you’re in a darkly lit room, it’s like receiving a gift when sunlight streams in from the windows.