Corporate Culture And Ethics

The corporate culture is the standard norms, values, beliefs and goals that all members of an organization share. Ethics refers to rules and principles that define right and wrong. Business organizations should be ethical when making decisions and conducting business.

Corporate culture and ethics go hand in hand
Managerial ethics is how behavior of the mangers is based on principles and values that are defined by doing the right or wrong thing.

There should be a written code of ethics which will help employees understand the values, the desire of the organization and the way they treat their employees. This code should affect the corporate culture so it will become a standard thing in the business. Code of ethics should be supplemented with training so people will get used to it and will know the importance of it.

Top management should adhere to ethical values. They should not only talk about it but they should let their actions speak for them. Split system air conditioning can be implemented. This will save energy and will reduce the amount of harmful gases released into the environment. Also this will purify the air and will make it better for employees in the building to breathe in this air.

This should be implemented properly and no short cuts should be taken. The best people should be hired to maintain this and to install it. Organizations should not cut costs by hiring less skilled workers. People like electrician in Perth should be hired because they have the specialized knowledge needed to carry out the tasks.

The ethical decisions that are taken will depend on the qualities of the manager making the decisions and the organization. Some managerial elements that will influenced decision making is his religious beliefs, family background, person values and goals and his level of education. Also his personal stage of moral development will matter.

Organizational elements that will influence business decisions are the organizations values and department values that will influence employee behavior and decision making, organizations culture which will tell the employee what type of acts and behaviors will be tolerated and what won’t be tolerated and the organizations rules and regulations and leaders.

Leaders should lead by example because they will help everyone else reflect and embody the ethical values. They can do things like give speeches, organizational publications and mainly actions to influence ethical behavior.

Proactive organizations will promote whistle blowing. This is when employees will disclose illegal or immoral business practices. Usually they are disclosed to people outside the company like the authorities or newspapers.