What Can You Do To Make Your Window Furnishing Child Proof?

A major worry that is there in every new parents mind is making sure that all parts and places in a house is safe for their baby. Even when a baby Is born, parents rush to make their house child – proof or child safe in every way possible, but sometimes they manage to forget the small details that matter as well. Window furnishing is not something that a lot of parents would worry about as they would worry about more straightforward hazards such as kitchen equipment or stairs. If you think of window furnishing, there could be cords; strings; buttons and all sorts of other designs that a baby should be protected from as they could end up being a hazard. There are certain things one can do to prevent their child from getting in trouble with window furnishing while also managing to keep the window furnishing in their house too.

Safety devicesThese are one of the many things that a parent can do and it is also not very hard to do either. You can easily purchase child safety devices form stores and fix them around your house. For example, if you have blinds such as honeycomb blinds online or sheer blinds installed in your house, these devices come with a cleat like device that will let you tie the controls onto it and store it away from the ground where a child cannot easily reach for it.

Cordless designsThis is also something that does not take much to do. You can simply make sure that when you buy furnishing like blinds or shutters for your home, you can simply make sure you buy cordless roman blinds online at DIYonlineblinds.com.au or any other kind of blind too. Cordless designs are available simply to make sure that the controls, or the cords would not get in the way of anything. So if you plan on getting blinds especially for your baby’s room, you can buy cordless designs instead of buying the usual ones as they can be a hazard.

Make it non accessibleThis is solely up to the parents to do as the child’s safety is their responsibility. If you have window furnishing that you do not want to get rid of, make sure the dangerous parts of it are not accessible to your baby, If the window furnishing has drapes hanging out, or cords to control blinds, make sure you tie them all up and place it at the very top of your window so that no one can reach it accidentally.